Cloud – Where should one learn from?

Past few weeks we have been learning about cloud. This week, in this post I will mention few resources where one can easily learn about cloud technology.

Learning, is an ongoing process, it has mile stone but it can never have a goal or destination, one has to continue learning to keep up with the pace. There is only one thing that is constant – change. And, in this ever changing world one should keep learning, keep matching the pace with the world to keep in the competition. My father has always taught me that spare an hour a day to read, to learn new thing and it will surely help you in your life in one or other way at some point-of-time; my father, at the age of 67 still follow this rule, before going to bed he always read something and anything that interest him.

Anyways, we will talk about the some resources that can help learning about the cloud aka Azure and databases. These are the resources that I follow and read when I need to learn, they are not all about SQL Server, it also includes topics other than SQL Server. Below are some links:


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