Blog series on cloud environment

cloudCloud –  In the cloud environment, the data/infrastructure is set up at some remote location and service provider owns it. The connectivity will be either VPN or Internet, however, the most significant difference is that there is a subscription to services that one want to use, and that makes it different. Let us understand this by analogy.

A few months back I have written a series of blog on discussing and explaining the Cloud environment. I assume that these post will help you understand the concept. The links to all the posts are given below, let me know how you like it.


  1. Basic Understanding of cloud
  2. Difference between On-Prem, Cloud and Hosted environment
  3. Different cloud service offering like IaaS, DBaaS etc.
  4. Different cloud service providers
  5. Why one should go for cloud or not to go for cloud environment
  6. Where you should learn cloud from

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