Data Platform MVP

I have a good news to share with you all. This year, 1st of August 2021 I have received an email that surprised me. The email reads that I have been awarded Most Valuable Professional. I am feeling so happy and excited to be the Data Platform MVP again, almost after 10 years. Here is the link to my MVP profile on Microsoft website.

I am feeling gear up and charged. I will be now more active in community activities. Please expect more blog(s), YouTube videos, Speaking and forum contribution hereafter. Not because I am recipient of the MVP award but because my contribution will now have more visibility and reach.

As a Data Platform MVP I will get a chance to interact with the folks at the engineering team and share the feedback. This is a great opportunity to lean and share. Oh! I would like to mention that, you may want to read What it takes to be an MVP?


This blog space was kind of not updated that often since last 2 years. But I am pretty sure. I will be posting blog more actively and regularly now. Most of my blog post comes out of the issues I have fixed. And, mainly I publish blogs on High Availability and Disaster Recovery, that’s my core area.




Data Platform MVP

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