Here in this section of the page I will post the information about the books I liked most and the reason why I like them.
The Guru’s Guide to SQL Server Architecture and Internals

Since the beginning of my career I always love to explore the ways “how it works” be it Windows Operating system or my beloved SQL Server!! This book gives insightful information on what I want to learn always!

This book is authored by Ken Henderson, and was recommended by the most admired person in SQL Server Community in India – Vinod Kumar

Inside the SQL Server Query Optimizer

Writing a script / T-SQL has always been my weak point, kind of short hand!! Few months back I won the contest by Red Gate and I was asked to select a book I wish to read, how would I leave a chance to get into and learn I am not good at something. Reading this is so far so much of fun, Benjamin Nevaroj has made it so easy to understand

This book is reviewed by Grant Fritchy who wrote a book on SQL Serve Execution Plans earlier which is also one of my favorite read.